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Life with P.O.T.S.,Ehlers Danos, Dysautonomia or any chronic illness under the autonomic umbrella is not easy to live with. Explore with me what it's like to live life with P.O.T.S.and Hypermobility Syndrome. I will talk about the highs and lows of these debilitating diseases. As an only child, fanatasy and acting was always part of my life growing up. I didn't have brothers and sisters so sometimes my dolls were my audience when I sang or put on a show for my Mom. So,why not use Dizzy Dabee as my alter ego when I can not post. Sometimes I won't be able to posts and that's when Dizzy Dabee will step in and give me a helping hand. Hope you enjoy my blog!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 ER trip last night My back and chest locked up Its a really bad feeling I would never wish something so painful even on my worst enemy It gets so bad that I can't sit down or lay down without pain.Not to mention my shoulder came out of socket . 
 I hate EDS and POtS with a passion. I usually never whine or complain but I think I should Let people know how bad it really Is.And Its Not just me Pots effects many people It effects everything that works automatic like  swallowing, heart,bp, eyes etc.Im tired of reading the message boards almost all of them complain. They tend to throw the pity poor me thing.And I thought instead of whining do something about it ! Tell your friends ,teachers,and co worker.Its one more person that knows
People allways seem to complain but they never do nothing about It That's why im doing the bake sale raise some money for research,The cause is really important to me.If they don't get enough funding they might have to drop the research program.
I know alot of you are thinking Noone cares ,The only reason they don't care is because they don't know what we go threw on a daliy bases.We need to educate show them make videos hand out flyers do anything really.Just because its not cancer or diabetes doesnt mean it Isnt Important. When reading what we go threw day to day.It makes other problems like breaking a nail,or getting stood up for a date sound silly.Every dollar counts and hey it makes you look like a better person :)
just click this link below It goes directly to BAKE SALE FOR POTS/EDS/CFS RESEARCH
Now scroll down page and you will see the words--ABOUT MY GIFT.
Click now scroll up to CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME
Now under it type in--Francessca's Bake sale donations for Dr.Rowe's POTS research/CFS clinic. (so we get credit and can monitor what we make)
Then specify amount etc... The donations will go directly to him with no middle man taking a percentage.
Thank you so much---remember every little bit helps

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dysautonomia Awarness Week !!!!

Dysautonomia Awareness week is soon approaching
And Ive been thinking of ways to celebrate.
I have a few ideas In mind  which I'm  going to see if i can get permission first before
I say what it is but I can Honestly say it will be very awesome 
Ive also been thinking of making some shirts to where around school
this  is my first time going back in 2 years I'm so excited.Most people don't like school ,But after two years on teleclass ,I want to go back.Not that teleclass was bad the teachers were very nice to me.Especially my math teacher  for the first time i understood math,I'm super happy to go back for senior year.So Hurricane Irene came did anyone ever notice most hurricanes start with I
It rained allot yesterday ,the lights kept flickering off and on ,Our power went out twice but came right back own  were very fortunate most people are without power.We still have allot of wind
I have been outside to excess the damage,I feel like we have been robbed of  our last few days of summer vacation. I have a great idea for awareness week any Maryland people with any for of dysautonomia are welcome  message me on facebook if your interested

Friday, August 19, 2011

So Today  Was a Great Day we saw Glee the 3d movie.For those who never heard of it i guess your just old lol .It really pays to complain I usually don't like to complain about stuff even when i get a book in the mail and its ripped or the wrong version  this actually happened to me in real life
anyways usually when we get money sometimes my mom takes me to the movies something i love to do
i usually have to take my wheel chair because of crowds and lack of standing .if anyone has ever taken a wheelchair to the movies you would  know how hard it is to get in non accessible doors   with no help believe me if my mom wouldn't have been pushing me i wouldn't have been able to get in the doors myself
we had this problem several times sometimes customers hold the door open but they don't have an automatic door don't they think handicapped people go to the movies ?.Mom ended complaining about the doors.
Now whenever we go to the movies the workers open up the doors for us and the even gave us  two free tickets so we went to see glee it really pays to complain :) while i was bed ridden i spent allot of time watching shows like house and glee  i always loved singing growing up and I love music it all ways helps me calm down especially when I'm having back spasms   that's probably why I'm a fan of glee

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

whats wrong with the world

So I decided I definitely had to blog about this. Today.I went to therapy and then we went to the thrift shop and it snowed gum and rain drops. I'm sorry but there is definitely no way I can sugar coat this
so after therapy we did go to the thrift shop. Me and Mom ,were looking for books usually this is where I  find my babysitters club and sweet valley twins and Lurlene books. I no longer read fear street because. I finished the series. I cheated and read the recaps on blog spot, sure saved me money.

Anyways...so cd looks at me and my mom and smiles and says a four letter word. I'm sure most of you have heard for the faint of heart i shall bleep it out.  He even had a kid with them i think. And this other old fossil dinosaur with him probably about a hundred but I'm bad a guessing age. Like he was in a kid aisle  yelling f***ker over and over and over and over again. I'm shakin my head going mm mm mm and I whisper to mom," glad baby Sophie wasn't there with us." She repeats everything that she hears .My mom always says, ''children are like sponges they soak up everything they hear. " So basically there like sponge bob they absorb.  lol  I wonder what color sponge she is ?? 

Any ways mom told me the guy had turrets that he couldn't help what he was saying but idk if that was true I mean some people fake illnesses. Its hard to believe people these days. Like i heard this one girl faked cancer another faked turrets so they could cuss. I think they got that off of south park one of my fave shows  i mean i even thought of faking a strange addiction to get on tv (not really that is a joke ) sorry for offending those who don't have a sense of humor.

That's like the one time i was at the dentist and some damn people left there baby alone unattended at first I looked around to see if the guy from what would you do was video taping me unfortunately not but those people were so careless i wanted to call social service on them those are the type that deserve to get their kid  kidnapped I'm sorry but that's true you don't leave your kid alone for hours seriously. What's wrong with people today??

Friday, July 29, 2011


Sorry ,Haven't posted in a while Ive been really busy and sick with the flu. That alone can surely get you down for a while. Still sick but I'm really craving some buffalo wings at 12:33. The really really hot atomic kind from bill bateman's mmmh. Usually I'm craving for a taco from taco bell but its always at 4 am. You would think that they would be open for your late taco cravings but sadly no!( I always seem to have food on my mind).

Enough about my food cravings. In other news I will be the new Saturday blogger for the dysautonomiacs. So you can look for me on there every Saturday. I never would think passing out is funny but whenever I laugh I get very very lightheaded and  dizzy ,and shakey. It feels like I'm being sucked in the couch. It makes me feel like I'm becoming the couch and that makes me laugh even more and then I faint. I usually laugh around 400 times a day so its pretty scary. 

My back locked up bad (twice this week) so that was an adventure. Took two trips to the ER. With EDS the littlest thing can put you into a spasm. It could be as simple as a hug, a laugh or just tapping me on the back. Can't stress that enough. 

Well I better log off my back starting to lock u. 


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fainting ,Swimming,And Seabands

Haven't posted in a while. I have  been really busy with therapy and stuff.
Went to the Dr's yesterday got real sick and passed out. Did you know syncope is a fancy word for fainting ? I recently found that out,like about a month ago . I always thought the word syncope was like a feeding tube or something crazy right ?

I don't like to dwell on symptoms to much. What's the use,worrying won't get you anywhere in life . I'm not one to rush to the hospital for pots related stuff. There is not much they can do besides give you an iv or pain killers. The only time I go to the ER is if my back and chest lock up severely for more than 3 hours.

To be honest I don't like to rant on about how sick I am. If you know me than you probably know that I hate to be sick and hate to tell people how sick i am. Like if i feel dizzy in a store DON'T EVER FEEL SORRY FOR ME !!! IT GETS ON MY FREAKIN NERVES !!! I don't know why most potsies ( girls with pots) always get wrapped up in there symptoms its like they like being sick like they love people feeling sorry for them. And the funny part is most of them that say their so sick drive cars. If your as sick as you say you are you shouldn't be driving  a car. Teen or not. It puts yourself and others at risk. If you pass out at the wheel you could harm yourself and others.

Enough ranting for today I'm going to attempt swimming. Sea bands don't fail me now :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy sunday

Happy happy happy Sunday :) Just a lazy day with no appointments.Which I am glad because waking up at 8 am is not my style unless a steak egg and cheese bagel from McDonald's is included yum .

My appetite has been decreasing so that's a good sign. Yesterday I went to Chili's and only ordered off the kiddie menu and was full. Right now I'm really craving for a cheese bagel from Panera Bread.

Today ,Me and Mom are going to rent some movies from the Redbox. Only a dollar per night who can beat that, it's a bargain !!

My tonsil surgery is coming up August 17. Hope its not to much of a set back.
I had my adenoids out before and wanted potato chips the next day lol

Went to the movies yesterday saw, ''Zookeeper." It was a pretty good movie. I love playing the claw machines afterwards. I'm very determined to win a Smurfette plushie. No luck so far but I did win two plushies, a pink baby hippo
and a yellow mouse and a rubber ducky. I had a great time and that's all that matters. What makes it the best was hanging out with my awesome mom :)